Personal Training &More


I`m 25 -year-old Personal Trainer from Helsinki. My goal is to courage you to find versatile ways to exercise and discover unique habits that suit in your every day life. I utilize my strong background in dance and interest in yoga and nutrition in my coaching.

Why do I train? 

The Answer Is Simple - To Be Healthy & Feel Good!

Keeping the Body & Mind Strong & Healthy is the key to overall wellbeing.

Start Now - Being active should not be limited by age!

Private &Group Training


Let`s find the best way for you to train & create new habits step by step!

Do you like training outdoors or with a good friend?

There are multiple ways to train - Let`s find one of them!(or more!)

Don`t hesitate to take the first step!

Creation From Scratch

Discover Delicious & Healthy Vegan Recipes. 

Feel Good & Find Joy by eating Pure & Self -made Foods!

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